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Cialis Dosage

The standard dose is 10mg but many men find a lower dose of 5mg works just as well. If the results are less successful, you can ask your doctor for permission to increase the dose. It should never exceed 20mg. You should never take more than one tablet per day.

Cialis is one of only 3 drugs for erectile dysfunction that have been approved by the FDA. The oral tablets will boost the supply of blood to the penis which will help a man get an erection when sexually stimulated. Cialis works faster than the other two drugs, and the effects last a lot longer. Some men can get erections when necessary in the following 36 hours after one dose.

NOTE: If you have tried other similar drugs for erectile dysfunction without success, Cialis will not help you because they all have the some working mechanism.

Are there any precautions about Cialis?

Yes, most definitely. If you are allergic to other similar drugs such as Viagra or Levitra, you must not use Cialis. If you are allergic to any other medicinal property, you must not use Cialis.

Do not use Cialis until you have told your doctor about all other medications (prescription and/or non-prescription) that you use. These must include any dietary supplements, herbal or otherwise.

You must not use Cialis if you are going to have a medical or dental procedure.

You must not use Cialis if you use nitroglycerin (or other nitrates) to treat angina, or if you use an alpha-blocker for prostate or blood pressure problems.

Make sure you fully understand your doctor’s instructions regarding how and when to use Cialis. Do not take this drug more than once a day.

Can any man take Cialis?

No, many men are not healthy enough to use this drug. If you have had a stroke, heart attack or arrhythmia in the past 6 months, you will have to discuss the possible dangers of Cialis with a doctor. Your doctor may advise that this drug is unsafe for you. This applies to men who have untreated high or low blood pressure, or get chest pain while having sexual intercourse.

Does Cialis have bad side effects?

Side effects are usually quite rare, but they can occur. Common ones are back pain, vision changes, nasal congestion, flushing, heartburn, upset stomach, or headache. If any of these symptoms become severe or last longer than 48 hours, call your doctor.

Important Warnings

Get emergency assistance if you have any of the following symptoms after using Cialis: painful erection, rash, prolonged erection, chest pain, fainting, or burning or itching sensation while urinating.

If you suddenly lose vision in one or both of your eyes, stop using Cialis. Call your doctor urgently. This might be a signal that you have a serious eye condition called NAION which prevents blood getting to your optic nerve. Men who are more prone to this condition are those who: smoke, are over 50 years of age, have vision problems, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart disease.

Cialis storage instructions

This medication must be stored in the original container and kept away from children and animals. Keep it is a place that is dry and cool, away from humidity and extreme heat. Do not store in a bathroom. Dispose of this medication if it has expired or you no longer use it.

How to reverse erectile dysfunction?

Men who find it hard to get the right erection always think of reversing this problem...

In the world of sexuality, satisfaction with joy is rarely found jewel of human life. Natural intimacy tends to preserve itself though physical barriers of impotence and sexual irresponsiveness deprives such relations of its charms and passion. In the grounds of curing erectile dysfunction and pulmonary hypertension, the joint venture of Lilly ICOS pharmaceuticals produce naturally compatible drug to treat sexual malfunctions of males, most importantly ED, erectile dysfunction. Cialis, the leading pharmaceutical drug for ED known for its extremely squeezed spectrum of causing side effects and astounding versatility of administration with any food, has convinced the 21st century impotent men never to loose hope. Permalink

It is true that medical field has made rapid advances and has successfully contributed to extending the lifespan of people. Today everybody can hope to live beyond seventies comfortably and manage their health with the help of advanced treatment options.

Medical science has gone high tech. There have been a lot of inventions and advances made in diagnostics methods. Thanks to computers, multimedia and scanners etc, the doctors are able to understand the problem faced by the patient clearly and are able to deal with the problems effectively. Even in the case of treatment, the options available to the doctors are multi fold. They are able to contain as well as treat the health complications using specific advanced medicines coupled with other options like surgical intervention, chemotherapy, organ replacement, stem cell therapy etc. Permalink

How increase in blood flow gives penile erection?

With the advancement in the field of science and technology, our lives have become very easy but we are suffering a lot from it too. The use of vehicles were very rare in past and people go everywhere on feet. This thing kept them healthy and fit to do all other activities. Now people have started using different vehicles on which you just need to sit and control it. You will reach to your destination without facing any problem. But there are many problems to the health in using vehicles. Firstly, your body will not come in enough motion that is required to get a healthy body. On the other hand, the pollution caused by several vehicles will pollute the environment and it will affect your health. The person is using vehicle for his own ease but it is causing other problems too. What we need to do in such circumstances is the main question here? If you are doing it so then no problem but you can reduce the use of vehicles. If you want to go a market near to your home then you should prefer to go on feet rather than using vehicle. Besides this, you should take balanced diet recommended by a nutritionist so that your body only gets necessary food not excessive that causes obesity. In addition to this, you should join a gym where you can perform body exercises in order to keep yourself healthy and fit.

Let us talk about impotence in men. Impotence is an inability of a person to do sex like a normal person. What is the most important thing for a man to have sex? Obviously, the erection of penis and without an erected penis it is not possible to have sex. How a penis becomes erect? The penile erection and blood flow are directly related. When the blood flow will become high, the penis will start becoming erect. When it will become erect, the man can start sexual intercourse with his partner without any delay. The blood flow through the penis depends upon the sexual desire or sexual excitement of the person. When this excitement reaches to the peak, the mind sends its signal to a special enzyme that can increase or decrease the blood flow. After ejaculation, the man feels that his penis is becoming flaccid and it is all due to the less blood flow rate at that time. Some people say that they are able to get penile erection but they cannot maintain it for long time. Such people also considered as impotent but their stage of sexual dysfunction is not high. People who are victim of these problems must visit their family doctors so that the right medicine can be prescribed. It is important to mention here that these sexual problems are only treated with the help of medicines, they cannot be cured. The medicines which are used for this purpose can only give you erection but cannot increase your sexual desire or save you from sexually transmitted diseases.

Being a celebrity can be a big strain on the personal lives. First of all it is not easy to maintain privacy when you are constantly in the public eye. The paparazzi does not give any consideration of the private lives of the stars and let them live in peace. Being in the public eye all the time can take its toll. Often it is the relationship with the spouse that takes a beating. There can be many theories as to why two celebrity couples breakup and end their marriage. However when a home and a long time relationship such as that of Madonna and Guy Richie for example breaks up one wonders what ever happened behind the doors. Most often people say that they have just grown apart. There are other relationships too which have survived very well, for example of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pit. Their relationship seems to be growing stronger. Permalink

So we have another opportunity to do some loud thinking with you. More and more people are joining our discussion for we are talking about pretty basic and simple things in life. It is like having a chat with a friendly neighbour over mundane things. Whenever you log in to buy Cialis on line we would like to invite you to read our column and give it a thought. If we have tickled your grey cells in some way, then our purpose is achieved. All that we want to do is to give you some food for thought. Permalink

You do not have to wait until you are the laughing stock of your time before you take on efforts to reduce your weight. At such scenarios, you will have to carry out twice the efforts that you would otherwise have concentrated with before you delayed your exercises. Permalink

Since a number of people who are getting medical problems are increasing that is why the trend of joining the health and fitness programs is also increasing. People want to practice those ideas and exercises which are very useful for the health. Permalink

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