It is true that medical field has made rapid advances and has successfully contributed to extending the lifespan of people. Today everybody can hope to live beyond seventies comfortably and manage their health with the help of advanced treatment options.

Medical science has gone high tech. There have been a lot of inventions and advances made in diagnostics methods. Thanks to computers, multimedia and scanners etc, the doctors are able to understand the problem faced by the patient clearly and are able to deal with the problems effectively. Even in the case of treatment, the options available to the doctors are multi fold. They are able to contain as well as treat the health complications using specific advanced medicines coupled with other options like surgical intervention, chemotherapy, organ replacement, stem cell therapy etc.

While on one side we can be happy that there is a definitive cure and treatment option available for each and every medical problem, the cost of medical health care seems to be sky rocketing. People are finding it very difficult to afford the expenses even with the medical insurance being available. Medical care is a service but unfortunately a paid service. Moreover when hospitals do invest huge amounts into infrastructure and equipments, they would run it like a business and expect to recover profits. The increased costs have give rise to a new industry called medical tourism. New hospitals and facilities are being set up matching international standards in Asian countries like India which is attracting a lot of foreigners who find it cheaper and better to go in for treatments.

However in the long run it helps for each one of us to take preventive action rather than warrant a condition which requires us to get hospitalized. Today the focus of building medical health awareness everywhere is to shed light on the lifestyle issues that are giving rise to conditions like diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol and related problems etc. More and more people are falling prey to these diseases due to the fast paced lifestyle. On one side we seem to be consuming fast food and foods without sufficient fibre etc as we are dependant more on packaged food as well as eating out. Along with eating wrong food, we are leading sedentary lifestyle which lacks the required physical activity to be able to burn the calories that we have consumed.

Diabetes and blood pressure are silent killers and every other person in the society seems to be developing these problems post forties. Both these diseases can affect all the other organs of the body especially kidneys, heart as well as cause erectile dysfunction. Treatment of diabetes involves regular intake of insulin as determined by the doctor coupled with strict food regulations and exercising. Blood pressure would also need daily medication as well as food and salt control. Erectile dysfunction can be treated with Cialis as prescribed by the doctor.

However what most people do not realise is that they can prevent all these problems by investing in to a healthy lifestyle. Take out some time now to go through various websites that can help you get more awareness about how you can switch your lifestyle and learn to lead a healthy life. It is not too late to start. Hurry and start working towards it now.

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