Being a celebrity can be a big strain on the personal lives. First of all it is not easy to maintain privacy when you are constantly in the public eye. The paparazzi does not give any consideration of the private lives of the stars and let them live in peace. Being in the public eye all the time can take its toll. Often it is the relationship with the spouse that takes a beating. There can be many theories as to why two celebrity couples breakup and end their marriage. However when a home and a long time relationship such as that of Madonna and Guy Richie for example breaks up one wonders what ever happened behind the doors. Most often people say that they have just grown apart. There are other relationships too which have survived very well, for example of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pit. Their relationship seems to be growing stronger.

Is it that the stars do not draw a line between their public image and their personal lives and hence end up straining relationship? Or is it that they do not give priority to their home and family and chase stardom instead? In each case it is quite difficult to point out what is wrong.

Breaking up is not good news. Especially for the children involves. There is always an emotional scar that is left behind in the minds of children when they grow up and effects their attitude towards their own relationships too when they grow up. The number of breakups and divorces is too high in American society and perhaps it is time for a change.

Pre marriage counselling can actually help couples look at their relationship and marriage in the right light and be committed to long term well being of the entire family. While people do think of themselves and their love for the other person when they decide to marry, there isn’t enough thought that has gone into what the couple is getting into in terms of matrimony.

When the couple realize that it is not about them alone and that the well being of the entire family including children and parents etc is involved. In fact once a couple choose to get married and make a family, one must realise that until the children grow up and become independent the parents have to be selfless and giving all the time. While we are young we keep receiving all the love and attention from our parents all the time and the next half of our life is spent giving what we have received and imparting the same lessons, values and love that we got. The answer perhaps to all the ills that we are facing today perhaps lies in the fact that we put ourselves first as the priority.

If you are living an ordinary life, going to office, coming home, watching TV and going on, you cannot call it a victorious life. You are successful only when you have contributed positively to others around you and made a difference to their lives.

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