So we have another opportunity to do some loud thinking with you. More and more people are joining our discussion for we are talking about pretty basic and simple things in life. It is like having a chat with a friendly neighbour over mundane things. Whenever you log in to buy Cialis on line we would like to invite you to read our column and give it a thought. If we have tickled your grey cells in some way, then our purpose is achieved. All that we want to do is to give you some food for thought.

Let us come straight to the topic for the day. We want to explore a bit about mind and breath. Breathing as we all know is a involuntary activity. After reading this for one whole day keep checking the status of your breadth. Sometimes your breath will be normal, sometimes it becomes fast and laboured breathing, at times it turns short and fast etc. Corresponding to the length and speed of breadth will be your heart beat.

Now let us see what is the connection between mind and breadth. Mind is a part of our consciousness and it resides in the brain. Mind we all know is a faculty and a higher intellect and is not a physical entity. All the senses are connected to the mind, in the sense that mind is all the time engaged with the various senses in the body through which it perceives the physical environment. The senses in the body are activated and enlivened by the energy that is distributed through the blood distilled from oxygen which is inhaled through the incoming breath. Wherever the energy is distributed the mind too is engaged and is aware.

If you catch your self and watch your breath at a tense moment, you will note that you are breathing fast and hard. At this time your mind is alert and in a excited state. When you are tensed and are strained, you will find your breathing hard and heart beak is fast. Your mind too is not clear and is cluttered. You are not able to think clearly and we call such people hot headed. During sleep your breathing is long and easy, your heart beat is slow and the mind is calm.

So when you analyse your breathing pattern and your state of mind, you will also realise that the key to controlling the mind is through your breadth and heart beat. Lower heart beat gives you longer life. While frogs have a rapid rate of heart beat and live for a very short period, tortoise have a very slow heart beat and live for a long time.

Therefore by learning to breathe properly and controlling your heart beat and calming your mind, you will be in a position to keep out all the modern day lifestyle diseases and problems which affects everybody.

If you are interested in learning the proper breathing technique and getting to know more in depth about breathing and mind control, you can refer to the Pranayama Techniques as taught in Yoga. You will be able to learn more about the theory of mind and breathe connection with the body and also learn various breathing exercises that can help your overall health as well as lead to mind control.

If you have enjoyed reading this piece, then we hope you will come back to buy Cialis again and again and we promise to give you many more topics to think and mull over.

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